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BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications

BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps
GERMANY – International closure manufacturer BERICAP will be displaying its range of products and new developments aimed at a variety of markets such as the beverage, food, automotive, chemical and agrochemical industries at Interpack 2011.

Hall 10

Stand No. E 67

Demonstrating “Lightweight Design”

Whereas in the past lighter closures tended to be developed mainly for carbonated drinks and still water, today greater attention is being given to the ongoing development of lighter packaging for aseptic filling and hot-filling processes.

New developments have been launched for the food market - specifically for edible oil and squeezable products.

Besides the cost savings benefits generated, using lighter closures will help manufacturers conserve non-renewable resources and reduce the effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to BERICAP, the demand in technical applications is for closures that protect contents from counterfeiting. This is all the more important as global players in the chemical industry need to protect their products against product piracy - particularly where these are manufactured in developing countries.

A.  New products for the BEVERAGE SECTOR

Saving weight with one-piece closures for hot-filled PET packaging

In 2003, BERICAP introduced what it claims was the first one-piece closures for hot filling in PET to the Chinese market. Since then, it has enjoyed success in hot filling applications in many Asian and European countries.BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps

The one-piece 38mm closure for hot filling in PET was recently introduced in Egypt by BERICAP together with juice processor, JUHAYNA. A leading German manufacturer of baby juices has also decided to use the one-piece 38mm closure for its juices, which are hot-filled in PET bottles.

With many years of experience in one-piece closures for hot filling in PET, BERICAP has been a driving force in the development of lightweight closures, particularly in conjunction with weight-reduced bottle necks.

For example, the BERICAP DoubleSeal System protects the bottle neck against deformation in hot filling, allowing for significant savings in materials without jeopardising the safety of the filled product.

Bottle necks are therefore set to become lighter in future for both the 38mm and 28mm PET bottles currently on the market, as well as the latest 33mm size recently introduced by BERICAP.

New products for ASEPTIC FILLING

1. DoubleSeal 33 mm – smaller opening for easy-to-drink bottles

Since the 1990s, 38mm closures have been used almost exclusively in aseptic filling for both miniature packaging for “on-the-go” consumption and for larger sized packaging.BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps

To achieve the required cost savings and lower CO2 emissions, BERICAP launched a 33mm closure which was developed for the market together with a bottle neck co-designed with Sidel. This solution was first used by Spanish juice processor Garcia Carrión in 2010.

The 33mm closure makes drinking easier and more comfortable, particularly for consumers who want to drink directly out of the bottle. In addition, because such slim bottlenecks are noticeably different to conventional drinks packaging, they provide striking visual product differentiation and demarcation at PoS.

Fillers also profit from the lower costs delivered by an approximately 30% savings in weight on a 38mm neck.

The 33mm closure is based on the BERICAP DoubleSeal and can be used on all current models of aseptic packaging plant in dry or wet sterilisation processes. The closure is fitted with a folded and pre-cut tamper-evident band which breaks when first opened.

2. The BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation - Sports cap for aseptic filling guarantees high flow rates BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps

Sports closures are ideally suited for on-the-go consumption or during sport activities, when consumers want a fast and simple method of closing drinks bottles. To enjoy the maximum taste experience from a beverage, the bottle needs to allow as much product as possible to enter the mouth in a short time.

The BERICAP PUSH PULL Next Generation meets these requirements. The closure requires no aluminium foil seal so that the consumer can drink from the bottle as soon as the protective cap is removed. This sports closure combines consumer-friendly functionality with an approximately 30% higher flow rate compared to conventional products and as a result has enjoyed increasing acceptance in the market and with consumers since its introduction in 2010.

The 3-part PUSH PULL Next Generation is fitted with DoubleSeal technology suitable for use in aseptic filling and for both wet and dry sterilisation processes. N2 dosing of the bottle is possible in aseptic filling processes.

B.  New products for the FOOD SECTOR

1. Valve closures made from one material - Inexpensive and environmentally friendly closures for squeezable products

Handy closures with silicon valves have been on the market for a number of years, particularly for ketchup and mayonnaise. By squeezing the bottle, the user is able to dispense a portion from the contents of the bottle. However, apart from the high cost of the silicon valve, it also presents issues for recycling as it results in the contamination of plastic recycled material.BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps

The new valve design developed by BERICAP though, consisting of two parts. By squeezing the bottle, the user dispenses products of paste-like consistency, such as ketchup and mayonnaise, in well-dosed portions - and with no messy splattering.

As the valve and the closure are made from the same raw material, this solution is both inexpensive and recycling friendly.

2. Weight-reduced closures for edible oil - New range of closures saves on materials and costs

For most players in the edible oil industry, the standard 29/21 neck weighing 2.74 g is used for 1 litre PET bottles. This neck size had been developed at a time when plastic closures were meant to fit both glass bottles and PET bottles.  These days though, edible oil is predominantly packed in PET bottles and so BERICAP has developed a range of closures for a 26mm bottle neck diameter to support the move towards saving on costs and materials. The new closure neck weighs a mere 1.37 g.

The inner diameter of the new neck is identical to the previous 29mm diameter, thus eliminating the need for costly modifications to filling plant while still providing the same flow rate.

Through this development, BERICAP is able to support the efforts of its customers to save on costs and materials and reduce the impact on the environment with lower CO2 emissions.

BERICAP will be launching this new range of closures which contains one-piece and two-piece versions with a range of different design features at Interpack 2011.


1. Telescopic closures for motor oil

The widening of the BERICAP product range for motor oil packaging with the new SVT 37.5 telescopic closure has been well received by the market, says the company.

This new development has a double tamper-evident seal: one is applied directly to the screw-top cap and a second - in the form of a bridge seal on the smaller top closure which secures the telescopic tube - puts the final seal on it.

The telescopic tube is especially useful as it provides access to hard-to-reach places for filling.

At its next stage of development, this version of the closure will be further developed for a 38mm standard thread as predominantly used in the automotive sector. This then paves the way for application on the 1 litre containers currently on the market.

2. Screw-caps for blow-moulded plastic canisters - The BERICAP family of DIN closures

A number of years ago, BERICAP developed a product family of screw-caps for blow-moulded plastic canisters with DIN-compliant necks which were distinct from other DIN-compliant closures due to their modified external design.

A tamper-evident band was developed for these closures to ensure the closures are reliably secured while at the same time easy to open when first used. All closures can also be supplied with degassing valves.BERICAP showcases wide range of closures for various applications, packaging, Asia, Germany, caps

This development has been received by the market as a welcome improvement - as proved by the impressive increase in sales figures.

To meet market requirements, a version has also been developed with a pull-up spout for container necks of DIN 60mm diameter of thread. As a result, accurate dosing and precision pouring is noticeably easier. This is particularly important in applications involving motor oil, lubricating oils for garden appliances and agricultural equipment, cleaning materials supplied in large format packaging, etc. There’s also a handy spout adapter for customers using DIN 45 thread containers.

The product range for blow-moulded plastic canisters has also been supplemented by a screw-cap for a DIN 60 neck with an inlaid aluminium gasket.

3. Closures for the agrochemical industry - Protection against product piracy

Product piracy and the forgery of filled product are serious problems for the agricultural sector’s chemical products.

To help customers, BERICAP has developed a comprehensive range of closures for the agrochemical industry to protect such sensitive filling processes against counterfeiting and manipulation.

All closures have a folded guarantee band that is harder to manipulate and is visibly torn once the closure has been opened. Further protection is also afforded by using customer-specific designs and attaching a safety label over the guarantee band.

As an option, BERICAP also supplies canister handles to agrochemicals fillers so that containers can be safely handled.

4. Successful metal packaging closure - Pull-up spout increases product use

A number of years ago, BERICAP developed the P2 REL ALU closure for use for metal packaging punched with a 42mm REL aperture.

The closure has a pull-up spout and when unopened, is covered with a welded-on aluminium foil seal. The aluminium foil seal prevents volatile gases from the product from escaping - after the filling process right through to use on the customer’s premises.

While the customer has the benefit of a pull-up spout feature, the closure still sits flush with the top of the canister and the height or the stacking of canisters is not affected.

The ever-stricter requirements on packaging functionality have led to a constant increase in demand for the P2 REL ALU closure.

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