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Quality inspection systems results in cost savings and efficiency

Quality inspection systems results in cost savings and efficiency, equipment supplier, exhibitions, interpack 2011, inspection
A specialist in fast intermittent application of adhesives, Baumer hhs presents Quality Assurance Systems and Camera Verification Systems are requested despite of - if not because of – the difficult economic conditions.

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There is always space, somewhere, on a gluer to install a sensor or camera to improve product control and quality assurance, says Baumer.

The Krefeld-headquartered company gives an example of a customer that added even more modularity features to an existing machine after installing two different camera systems to an existing gluer. Over the years, this particular single machine has included numerous quality assurance systems from Baumer. Since all of them fit in the Xtend series, the range of options such as hotmelt and liquid glue application, code reading, glue inspection, flap control and camera detection are now integrated into a central touch screen user interface with ejector and one protocol.

An example of improving the flexibility of an existing gluer that was installed in 2007 comes from another Baumer customer who equipped their existing gluer with an additional camera system to handle the production of bottle carriers for the beverage industry. The variety of products made on this machine now includes baskets, fully enclosed packs and wraps for bottles and cans as well as special solutions. For example, the handles of a drinking carton can now be made of carton board, with the use of no plastic materials. A tiny camera, placed just behind the folding section for the handle compares the image of a perfect product with that of each subsequent product passing at full speed. The Baumer hhs Verisens camera makes sure that for each and every passing product, the flaps of the handle are correctly folded — otherwise the carton is ejected.

24 Glue Gun Control
For the production of bottle carriers, many glue lines are needed. In fact, one Baumer customer operates a gluer that includes 24 cold glue guns (P-500) with dynamic high pressure pump. Their glue application is precise and reliable when restarting after a machine stop.

End user customers still require glue line monitoring — even single adhesive dots in forbidden areas can cause automated carton erector jams resulting in expensive machine stops at the customer’s production line. To solve this issue for a specific customer, Baumer provided 18 ULT-sensors that can detect single glue lines and can even interpret if this line still has the ability to tack.

For complex bottle carriers, yet another customer has added two cameras to a gluing line that monitors a set glue pattern on each carton. The Baumer hhs Gluevision Pix system can see multiple glue lines simultaneously, and at the same time determine the lateral or horizontal position of the product itself, skew or if windows are properly cut. As with other parts of the Xtend system, this results in ejection of faulty products and a combined production protocol. The advantage of a camera vision system is real time interpretation and the possibility to save pictures of good and faulty products for later analysis.

At another Baumer hhs customer, a typical job for bottle carriers runs for up to 20 hours. “Our lines run at high speed with great consistency on long runs, sixteen hours a day, six days a week. It is this matching of speed and consistency that gives us the production levels we need”, says the head of the gluing department.

“With the integration of camera systems, operators at the end of the line are not involved in inspection any more and can concentrate on other tasks.”

Hotmelt integration for instant tack
For the instant tack between small flaps of the bottle carrier with high tension, some customers have added a Baumer hhs Xmelt hotmelt system with HP-series application guns. It supports the cold glue bonding while curing. The advantage of an integrated system is not only that customers can manipulate all guns, (hot or cold glue) from one screen — they can also control all functions of the melter from one screen or switch the system to ‘economy mode’.

Code Readers avoid mix-ups
An increasing number of cartons include bar codes. Even in beverage packages there is a need for detection to make sure that the right code has been applied on every carton that travels through the gluer. To avoid mix ups, customers have added Baumer hhs EAN-code sensors to their gluer. Shown on the large user touch screen, the code and product-length check from the same sensor is one more link in a long Fail-Safe quality chain. If any one of those inspection devices finds the product faulty, it results in ejection or a machine stop.

There is also a solution for glue inspection by a glue wheel in the Baumer hhs Xtend product line. Both the carton and the applied glue are analysed by another advanced sensor while at the same time checking the whole length of the glue flap. Glued cartons pass through the sensor while microwave sensors check the glue quantity within a predefined range. Simultaneously, integrated light barriers precisely measure the length.

Investment in cameras and sensors always results in savings and improved quality assurance while allowing most customers to virtually eliminate shipment return. It’s this type of efficiency that helps carton makers remain competitive in a highly aggressive market, explains Baumer. Such investment also opens up a number of new markets and allows carton makers to accept new business that we would have otherwise been turned away.

About Baumer
For 25 years Baumer hhs have concentrated on high-quality products, from pumps or melting devices and a large variety of application guns through to touch screen controllers with integrated sensors for code and glue. Regardless of whether the customer is gluing folding cartons or advertising brochures, drawers, bags or mailings, perfect all-round service with broad industry knowledge is part of this suppliers’ package.

Baumer hhs is part of Swiss Baumer Group, an internationally established manufacturer of sensors and system solutions for the factory and process automation. The innovative family-run company employs about 2000 people at 35 sites in 18 countries.

Quality inspection systems results in cost savings and efficiency, equipment supplier, exhibitions, interpack 2011, inspection


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