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Report: Market Drivers and Latest Technology Innovations behind Japan’s US$59.4 billion Packaging industry 2012-14

Zen & The Technology of Japanese Packaging Design 2012-14
Valued at US$59.4 billion annually, Japan’s packaging technology sector is being challenged by the demands of a new consumer demographic landscape and the need for increasingly competitive brand product differentiation, according to the latest market report by EP Resources Pte Ltd - Zen & The Technology of Japanese Packaging Design 2012-14.

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Evolving Retail Trends in Japan are Changing the Way the Packaging Industry Innovates - Report

Japan retail shelves
Japan’s packaging industry and their brand owner customer – the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods manufacturer) – are being forced to dramatically change their formats, portion sizes and deploy new technologies such as light-weighting and downsizing their product offerings in order to secure a place on the retail shelves of the world’s second largest consumer market.

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  • Technology Japan
    Japanese packaging technology at its best
  • Japan Trends
    Trends and drivers behind the Japanese packaging sector: Changing Markets, Environmental considerations
  • Business Japan
    Business of Japan's post tsunami packaging sector:Expansion and growth, M&A
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