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Three US companies partner to ship plastic resin to Asia

Three US companies partner to ship plastic resin to Asia, Packwell Inc, Hillwood, BNSF, Asia packaging
US plastics resin bagging and logistics company Packwell Inc has announced plans to build an export packaging facility in Texas in partnership with freight transportation company BNSF and industrial developer Hillwood.

The plastics export hub, construction of which is due to begin this year, will be located at the 18,000-acre mixed-use AllianceTexas development near Fort Worth, and will serve as part of the company’s new global supply chain route that connects Texas to Asia through ports in California.
Packwell will operate the US$50 million facility, unloading resins and repackaging them for sale mainly in Asia, and other parts of the world.

The facility is expected to open sometime during the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to Hillwood, the decision for the project was fuelled by major polyethylene resin supply expansions that are set to come online in North America in the next few years.

Three major expansions alone - from Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil Chemical and Chevron Phillips Chemical Co - will come online on the Texas coast in 2017, adding about 6 billion pounds of capacity in the region.
Packwell also noted the vision for this new facility is based on having access to all the key parts of the supply chain that will create a new value for plastics packaging and export routing.

“We understand the complexities of this new supply chain model and expect to expand our business model by leveraging the natural advantages of this relationship with Hillwood and BNSF,” said Packwell President Al Duran.

“The AllianceTexas facility is ideally located to ensure the abundance of empty containers and also the ability to ‘heavy’ load export containers. The Fort Worth packaging location will facilitate a quick turnaround of railcars back to the plastics producers.”

Three US companies partner to ship plastic resin to Asia, Packwell Inc, Hillwood, BNSF, Asia packagingDownload your Complementary Copy 
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