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Mitsui Chemicals opens subsidiary in South Korea

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Mitsui Chemicals Inc has established a new Korean sales subsidiary, Mitsui Chemicals Korea Inc.

The new entity is a restructuring of the Mitsui Chemicals Inc Korean Branch, which was established on 1 October 2014 to collect information on the Korean market and provide cutting edge service to customers with an eye on a future status upgrade to that of a local subsidiary with sales functions to further bolster the company’s business interest in the country.

In its statement, Mitsui Chemicals said, “Korea is an important market with world class automobile and electrical/electronic manufacturers. For the Mitsui Chemicals Group, which lists the mobility segment as one of three priority targets, Korea is extremely attractive with good potentials for business growth and expansion.

“In addition, the Korean market also holds equally good potential for the group’s other two priority business areas of healthcare and food & packaging.”


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