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Agr expands Asian presence with Bangkok service center

Agr expands Asian presence with Bangkok service center, Agr International Inc, Asia packaging, Thailand packaging, packaging testing
Agr International Inc has expanded its Service Center offerings in Asia with the recent opening of a service office in Bangkok, Thailand.  

The Bangkok service center, which is co-located with the Agr’s regional sales office, Agr Bangkok Ltd, is one more segment of Agr’s program to provide accessible and responsive support for Agr testing and quality management equipment in use around the world. 

“Over the last few years, southern Asia has been one of the fastest growing packaging markets, as evident by the significant growth in Agr’s customer base within this area,” said the US company. “Expansion of services in this region was a logical decision, given the growing customer and the importance of this market.”

With the central regional location, the Bangkok service center will provide expanded services for Agr products across the entire Asian region. Services offered at the center include depot repairs and rebuild services for all Agr laboratory products for both the glass and plastic container markets.

In addition, this new center is intended to provide customers with older equipment, in need of more extensive repairs, the ability to have their equipment serviced and thoroughly tested without the cost of on-site service calls.

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