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Ladderup Group acquires 20% stake in Annapurna PET

Ladderup Group acquires 20% stake in Annapurna PET, Ladderup Group, Annapurna PET Pvt Ltd, packaging, Asia
Venture capital company Ladderup Group is acquiring a 20% stake in Indian PET preforms manufacturer Annapurna PET Pvt Ltd.

Annapurna PET is setting up a greenfield project to manufacture 10,200 mt of PET performs in Umbergaon near Vapi in Gujarat, for packaged drinking water, beverages, edible oil, and other food products, as well as pharmaceutical applications.

With the funds from the acquisition, the company plans to increase the production capacity at its new project further.

While the purchase price was not disclosed, it is understood that Ladderup will have a seat on the company board.

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