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Doug Weber named president & CEO of Weber Packaging Solutions

Doug Weber named president & CEO of Weber Packaging Solutions, Asia packaging, Weber Packaging Solutions, packaging labels, pressure sensitive labels
Doug Weber has been named president and CEO of Weber Packaging Solutions Inc, a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of pressure-sensitive labels, labelling systems, and ink jet coding systems.

Joseph Weber, Jr., chairman of the company, made the announcement: “The quality of his work, dedication and his ability to achieve the highest goals are very important for our long-term success. We are confident that Doug will succeed in his new role.”

Doug Weber assumes the new role after more than 25 years with Weber Packaging Solutions, including the last 15 years as Vice President of International.

“I am honored for this opportunity. Being in business for over 83 years doesn’t happen by luck and requires a concerted team effort,” said Doug.

“Weber has been providing quality products and services for a very long time and I look forward to continuing that effort in the years ahead.”

Weber employs over 1,000 people throughout the world at numerous manufacturing and sales locations in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia and in Victoria, Australia, the company operates under the subsidiary company Peacock Bros Pty Ltd.

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