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SCA completes Asian business divestment transaction

SCA completes Asian business divestment transaction, SCA, Vinda, Asia packaging, Southeast Asia packaging
SCA’s divestment of its business in South East Asia, Taiwan and South Korea for integration with Vinda International Holdings Limited was completed on 1 April 2016.

As part of the transaction, SCA and Vinda have signed an agreement regarding the exclusive license to market and sell the SCA brands; TENA (incontinence products), Tork (Away-from-Home tissue), Tempo (consumer tissue), Libero (baby diapers), and Libresse (feminine care) in South East Asia, Taiwan and South Korea.

With this agreement, Vinda will hold the rights to these product brands in these Asian markets. In addition, Vinda will acquire the brands Drypers, Dr.P, Sealer, Prokids, EQ Dry and Control Plus in these markets. SCA will continue to provide innovation and technical support for the business.

The purchase consideration amounts to US$361.03 million (HKD 2.8 billion) on a debt-free basis.

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