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Aje Group makes Thailand its Asian regional centre

Aje Group makes Thailand its Asian regional centre, Aje Group, Big Cola, Asia packaging, Thailand packaging
Spanish beverage giant Aje Group has made Thailand its regional base for the Asian market, to facilitate its expansion into individual country markets within the region.

The group currently has a presence in more than 23 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, with 13,000 direct and indirect employees. In addition to its flagship carbonated soft drink brand, Big Cola, Aje's product portfolio includes such brands as Cielo, Cifrut, Pulp, Big Fresh, Sporade and Volt in the water and juices categories, as well as electrolyte and energy drinks.

In Asia, Aje’s beverage products are now available in many markets in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Bhutan.

Aje Group regional director for Asia and managing director of Aje Thailand Soren Lauridsen explained his task is now to increase the footprint of Big Cola and the company’s other beverage brands across Asia, which Aje Group considers an important market with great business potential.

"In addition to our bottling facilities in Thailand at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chon Buri, which employ about 1,250 people altogether, the group has three bottling factories in Indonesia and one in Vietnam,” said Lauridsen.

"As a centre for the Asia region, Thailand will support Aje's operations in other countries in the region in the area of human-resource development, product innovations and marketing initiatives… For the full story, subscribe to Packaging Business Insight Asia.


Aje Group makes Thailand its Asian regional centre, Aje Group, Big Cola, Asia packaging, Thailand packagingDownload your Complementary Copy 
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