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Chinese-South Korean infant formula joint venture for Chinese market

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Chinese company Beingmate and South Korean infant formula manufacturer Maeil Dairies are setting up a joint venture to produce medical purpose infant formula for the Chinese market.

The joint venture entity, Hangzhou Beingmate Maeil Food Company, will produce special infant formula such as products for premature or low-weight infants, and those with lactose intolerance and amino acid metabolism disorders. It will also manufacture regular infant formula, milk powder, and maternal nutrition products.

Beingmate will hold a 60% stake worth US$566,000 (RMB 3.6 million) in the joint venture, while Maeil Dairies will invest US$377,000 (RMB 2.4 million) for the remaining 40% stake… For the full story, subscribe to Packaging Business Insight Asia here.


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