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New barrier film produced from recycled PET

New barrier film produced from recycled PET, Toppan Printing Co Ltd, Asia packaging, Japan, plastic packaging
Toppan Printing Co Ltd has developed a new version of its transparent high-barrier film with advanced oxygen and water vapour barrier performance, GL Film, using mechanically recycled PET film.

Suitable for products that require barrier packaging, such as food and pharmaceutical, GL Film is the brand product range of transparent vapour deposition high-barrier films developed by Toppan Printing. According to the Japanese company, GL Film is used for approximately 15,000 products in about 45 countries and regions.

This latest GL Film uses mechanically recycled PET film as its base material while maintaining the same vapour deposition and coating technologies, enabling the same performance as conventional films derived from fossil-based plastic film.

According to Toppan Printing, this is the world’s first transparent high-barrier film to use mechanically recycled PET film.

“Toppan Printing sees preservation of the global environment as an important issue in business and engages in related activities through the development and provision of environmentally-friendly products,” said the Japanese company.

With increasing focus on environmental issues, the use of recycled resources is becoming of greater importance, explained Toppan Printing.

“However, due to the characteristics of recycled PET film, it was thought to be difficult to produce film with high-barrier performance,” the company continued. “But by using Toppan Printing’s vapour deposition and coating technologies, it has been possible to achieve the same quality as conventional GL Film in terms of oxygen and water vapour barrier performance.”

In addition, because of the switch to mechanically recycled PET film as the base material, the volume of CO2 released during processes up to and including GL Film manufacture is reduced by approximately 17% compared with films produced using non-recycled PET.

“The use of mechanically recycled PET film helps to reduce the use of petroleum-based resources and contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society,” said Toppan Printing.

The company started shipping samples in June 2014, and intends to start commercial production in autumn this year. Toppan Printing is targeting total sales target of ¥2.5billion (US$24.6 million) in FY2016 for this product and others produced using mechanically recycled PET film.


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