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Toyo Ink launches new gravure inks and laminating adhesives for food packaging

Toyo Ink launches new gravure inks and laminating adhesives for food packaging, Toyo Ink Group, Toyo-Morton, packaging, Asia
The Toyo Ink Group has jointly launched a new series of gravure inks and laminating adhesives for the food packaging market.

As consumer awareness of food safety and hygiene issues grows, the food packaging printing industry has become more conscious of its customers’ needs and is increasingly shifting away from conventional toluene-based gravure inks to toluene-free products.

Responding to its customers’ demand for improvements in the usability of environmentally conscious products, the Toyo Ink Group newly developed the Lioalpha line of toluene-free and MEK-free lamination inks, solvent-free laminating adhesives and dry laminating adhesives that expand application capacity.

Through a combination of these new products, package converters can now achieve greater production efficiency and work productivity resulting from reduced materials loss, downtime and environmental burden. Consumers also benefit from the availability of safer packaged goods.

The new product series was first introduced in the Japan market on 20 May 2013. The Tokyo-headquartered company says it plans to expand distribution of these products throughout Asia and other regions of the world in the near future.

The new gravure inks and laminating adhesive product range

The Lioalpha range of multi-purpose functional lamination gravure inks offer superior printability due to substantial improvements in fogging, cell plugging and other issues. It also has excellent halftone reproducibility, trapping, levelling and other printing effects.

Suitable for snack, refill pack, semi-retort and high-retort packaging, the Tomoflex TM-570 ester-type multi-purpose laminating adhesive features proper use of three varieties of cross linking agents (aliphatic, FDA aliphatic and aromatic) that facilitates expansion of various applications.

Meanwhile, the Tomoflex TM340 ether-type laminating adhesive has rapid curing, high bonding strength, and is integratable with functional barrier films, while the Tomoflex urethane-type AC agent offers increased productivity and stability due to its rapid curing property.

Another new product now available is the Ecoad EA-N373 non-solvent laminating adhesive which does not require pre-heating. Because of its low roll temperatures, work efficiency is significantly enhanced.



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