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Takara uses UV released OP varnish to win Japanese label printing award

Japanese label brings imagery to life with fine print quality, Takara Pac Ltd, MPS, packaging, Asia
Takara Pac Ltd recently won the “Supporter's Association of Chairman's Award” at the Japan Federation of Label Printing Industries (JFLP)'s 22nd Seal and Label Contest in recognition of its labelling expertise in the production of the “Tuki No Shizuku” (Japanese for “moon dew”) label.

The label was printed in one pass using five colours and special varnishes on a matte silver polyester self-adhesive material. The fireworks imagery on the label was printed with a clear varnish to achieve a metallic and twinkling finish. For the expression of water movement, a UV released OP varnish was applied to an underlying layer of UV coat varnish for the pre-embossing effect, in combination with Japanese paper patterns.

In addition, the summer night sky was created using deep gradation. The combination of using converging colours and semitransparent designs gave the label a classical Japanese look.

The label was printed on an MPS EC330 UV full servo 8-colour flexo press, which Takara purchased in 2011 to increase capacity and upgrade quality standards supplied to its Japanese customers.Japanese label brings imagery to life with fine print quality, Takara Pac Ltd, MPS, packaging, Asia

The press has a high degree of automation due to built-in MPS innovative technology including Automated Print Control (APC) to set print pressures automatically, Automatic Register Control, and the iControl press control system.

In recognition of Takara’s labelling expertise and the fine print quality of the “Tuki No Shizuku” label, the label printer and converter was recently awarded the “Supporter's Association of Chairman's Award” at the 22nd Seal and Label Contest on behalf of The Japan Federation of Label Printing Industries (JFLP).

Mr. Tsuda, President of Takara, said, “Takara is very proud to win the “Supporter's association of chairman's Award” for our label printed on a MPS press. Being one of the pioneer flexo printers in Japan, receiving this award is confirmation that Takara chose the right path investing in flexographic printing technology of MPS.”

About Takara Pac Ltd

Established in 1955, Takara Pac Ltd. is a label printer & converter and manufacturer of packaging machinery, including label applicators with headquarters in Tokyo and a factory facility in Yokohama, Japan. With an annual turnover of around 100 million euros, and 230 employees, Takara produces unique labels for the food, pharmaceutical and security industries. Being a pioneer in flexo printing, Takara bought their first flexo press back in 1967 and today offer over 50 years’ experience in flexo printing.

About MPS

MPS builds printing and converting machines for the self-adhesive and packaging printing market. MPS is responsible for a large number of revolutionary innovations like Crisp.Dot Flexo printing, Quick Change Die, automatic plate mounting and Automated Process Control (APC), including Job Memory. A user-friendly interface including iControl guarantees optimal operator satisfaction. The presses are developed with the absolute focus on print quality and the lowest cost per 1,000 labels.


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