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Sato offers precision printing solution for very small labels

Sato offers precision printing solution for very small labels, Sato, packaging, Asia, Japan
Sato has launched the latest addition to its range of thermal transfer printers – the Sato HR2 printer – which offers precise and high resolution printing on very small labels particularly for heavy industrial and manufacturing applications.

Integrated with a dispense and rewinder, the Sato HR2 can efficiently dispense the label with the backing liner and rewind the backing material from the dispensed labels all at the same time automatically after every print, providing greater convenience to users.

In addition, the label and ribbon compartments are uniquely designed at the top of the printer for easy access and loading. As the printer is constructed with a heavy-duty metallic casing, it is particularly fit for use in demanding industrial environments that have space constraints. Sato offers precision printing solution for very small labels, Sato, packaging, Asia, Japan

The Sato HR2 has a maximum print speed of 4ips, a print width of 56mm and media width of 7mm to 58mm. Multiple standard communication interfaces like LAN, USB, RS-232C and EXT Port are integrated at the rear side of the printer for a wide variety of application connections.

“Asia continues to be a hot bed for the manufacturing industry and there is a need for better standards in the labelling of consumer products. Mobile phone chips, laptop batteries, safety certification logos, automotive parts, cosmetic accessories are some examples of where precision and high resolution printing are basic requirements as the labels for these items are very small,” said Lim Yee, managing director of Sato International Asia Pacific.

“The SATO HR2 printer will meet this need with its ability to utilise labels that are much smaller than a microchip. Plus, it is designed to rough out the tough environment that it needs to perform in.”

Barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions provider Sato was founded in 1940. Publicly listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, it has sales and support offices in over 20 countries and is represented globally through a network of partners. For the fiscal year ended 31 march 2012, Sato reported revenues of ¥80,536 million (US$1.018 billion).

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