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Auto-vacuum pouch that pours at the touch of your fingers

Auto-vacuum pouch that pours at the touch of your fingers, Packaging, Asia, Japan, packaging design
Packaging inventor Tadashi Hagawari has developed an LDPE / nylon two-ply pouch that once cut at one end to form a pouring spout provides a secure closure merely by applying finger-tip pressure at an appropriate point on the substrate.

Targeted as a primary pack for laundry or personal care / toiletries applications in under-developed markets, when tipped downwards to dispense content, the auto-vacuum pouch is just gently squeezed to apply the necessary pressure to open and close the nozzle. No cap is required, and it’s also possible to regulate the flow within approximate parameters.

The pouch has been three years in development. It is pre-made prior to the filling stage during which process it merely requires the addition of a relatively low-cost attachment to form the tapered end and then be heat-sealed.

Whilst it is unlikely to ever become commercialised in Japan due to some defensive negativity from established supply chain relationships, it is patent-approved or pending in eleven different countries incl. the US, China, Germany and the UK and has already attracted the interest of a leading global laundry and detergent brand owner, says Mr Hagawari.



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