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Japanese-Malaysian joint venture targets ASEAN halal food market

Japanese-Malaysian joint venture targets ASEAN halal food market, Mitsui & Co Ltd, Longson Food Products Sdn Bhd, Kagome Co Ltd, Kagome Longson Sdn Bhd
A joint venture between two Japanese companies and a Malaysian manufacturer has been set up to manufacture and sell processed tomato products and condiments in halal markets, including the ASEAN region.

Mitsui & Co Ltd, Japanese processed tomato products company Kagome Co Ltd, and Malaysian commercial condiment manufacturer Longson Food Products Sdn Bhd have partnered to set up a new entity - Kagome Longson Sdn Bhd - in Pelabuhan, Selangor, Malaysia with about RM 2 million / ¥64 million (US$533,649) in capital.

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