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Sidel marks 10 years in Japan

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Sidel recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Japan, supporting beverage producers in the country and surrounding regions with its PET solutions for liquid packaging.

Where packaging is concerned, Japan has always been, for Sidel, one of the most technologically advanced and demanding packaging markets in the world with exacting demands.

Recognising more than a decade ago the importance of being close to its customers in Japan, Sidel opened its office in Tokyo in June 2004.

Eric Schaffner, Sidel’s Managing Director for Japan and Regional Commercial Director for Japan and Korea, said,  “The markets we serve are challenging so we have to ensure that the solutions we provide meet the specific demands of our customers. We know that we can learn so much more about those demands by being close to our customers and we have learnt a lot over the last 10 years.

“This anniversary is an important milestone for us and provides an excellent platform from which to continue to develop and explore the considerable opportunities that Japan and the surrounding regions present for innovative PET packaging solutions.”

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