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Japanese converter expands foamed bottle sales presence in Europe

Japanese converter expands foamed bottle sales presence in Europe, Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd, Plastic Technologies (PTI), Asia packaging, Japan
Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd is expanding its sales presence in Europe with the appointment of US-based Plastic Technologies (PTI) as its exclusive agent in the region for the sales and licensing of Toyo Seikan’s Fi-Cell foamed PET bottle processing technology for packaging applications.

PTI, which already exclusively represents Fi-Cell technology in the US, says it has started working the European market. “Over the past six months, our representatives in Europe have explored brand-owner interest in Fi-Cell technology in those regions,” said PTI president Scott Steele.

“We are already working with companies in those areas to develop commercially-viable bottles. This new announcement is a natural extension of the relationship that was already in place.”

Toyo Seikan’s Fi-Cell foamed bottle technology produces lightweight containers with good barrier properties. The monolayer bottles feature a smooth inner and outer wall surface in comparison to other foamed bottle technologies that require an overmolded bottle to achieve a similar result, and are good for carbonated beverages that require a smooth inner wall for an accurate fill.

Toshio Sue, deputy head of technical headquarters at Toyo Seikan, said, “PTI’s European office has extensive experience in working with brand owners on the continent, as well as supporting the needs of multinational companies.

“Due to our compatible areas of interest and ongoing working relationship, it was logical to expand the geographical boundaries of the relationship.”

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