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Sustainability Matters

New Starbucks cup sleeve saves equivalent of nearly 100,000 trees

starbucks earthsleeve
US -
Starbucks Coffee, together with LBP Manufacturing and Henkel, has launched its new hot-cup sleeve - Earth Sleeve – which enables a reduction in total material usage while increasing post-consumer content, saving nearly 100,000 trees.

Paper wine bottle to hit UK supermarkets

greenbottle wine a
UK –
Independent wine supplier Kingsland Wines and Spirits will be filling paper wine bottles with various wines by the end of this year for supermarket sale.

Indian scientists develop new oxo-degradable plastic

plasticwaste land
Scientists at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Matunga have developed an oxo-degradable polymer which they claim decomposes in just two months when exposed to sunlight.

RTD tea products shift from glass to PET packaging

pure leaft ice tea pet bottles
US –
Pepsi’s Pure Leaf Ice Tea recently shifted from glass to plastic packaging for its ready-to-drink tea products, gaining increased recyclability and cost savings while providing consumers with greater convenience.


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