Avery Dennison


Sustainability Matters

Eco-Chic holiday gifts packages add to festive mood

burts bees gift set a
US –
One personal care brand owner has developed a special gift packaging for the Christmas season that is not only festive and appealing but also eco-chic, taking away the need for additional gift wrapping.

GreenBottle set to take wine sector by storm

greenbottle martin myerscough
UK –
Packaging inventor Martin Myerscough has now extended his well-received GreenBottle paper bottle concept, made from post consumer recycled paper waste, to the wine sector.

Compostable breakfast boxes save space and the environment

iggesund malmo aviation
The Swedish airline Malmö Aviation has recently launched new breakfast boxes made of paperboard that save space on board, extend the life of their contents, simplify handling and have a lower environmental impact than their plastic-based predecessors.


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