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Sustainability Matters

New concentrated cleaning product packaging saves time and reduces waste

scjohnson smarttwistcleaning a
US –
SC Johnson has introduced the innovative Smart Twist Cleaning System, which uses less packaging and helps reduce waste with three concentrated cleaners in one space-saving, handy sprayer, offering a fast and easy solution and provides another everyday green option for busy families.

World’s lightest plastic milk bottle

nampak infini a
UK -
Nampak Plastics has created what it claims is the world’s lightest ever four-pint (2.273 litres) high density polyethylene bottle.

Weighing in at just 32g, the HDPE bottle – which is currently undergoing trials with a number of Nampak’s customers – represents a 20% material saving on the standard four-pint version found in most supermarkets today, which weighs about 40g.

New recycled packaging for organic hair products

spectrapkg herb uk
UK –
In line with Herb UK’s environmental market positioning, Spectra Packaging recently created new recycled packaging for the brand owner’s Organic Hair Colour Systems products.


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