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Sustainability Matters

World’s lightest plastic milk bottle

nampak infini a
UK -
Nampak Plastics has created what it claims is the world’s lightest ever four-pint (2.273 litres) high density polyethylene bottle.

Weighing in at just 32g, the HDPE bottle – which is currently undergoing trials with a number of Nampak’s customers – represents a 20% material saving on the standard four-pint version found in most supermarkets today, which weighs about 40g.

New recycled packaging for organic hair products

spectrapkg herb uk
UK –
In line with Herb UK’s environmental market positioning, Spectra Packaging recently created new recycled packaging for the brand owner’s Organic Hair Colour Systems products.

'Compressed' sustainable deodorant aerosol

unilever compressed deodorantaerosol a
UK –
Unilever has introduced a new ‘compressed’ aerosol that it hopes will revolutionise the deodorant aisle and make it more sustainable.

The new deodorants require less propellant to deliver each spray, allowing the can to be reduced in size resulting in a 25% carbon footprint average reduction per can.


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