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Avery Dennison


Sustainability Matters

New recycled packaging for organic hair products

spectrapkg herb uk
UK –
In line with Herb UK’s environmental market positioning, Spectra Packaging recently created new recycled packaging for the brand owner’s Organic Hair Colour Systems products.

'Compressed' sustainable deodorant aerosol

unilever compressed deodorantaerosol a
UK –
Unilever has introduced a new ‘compressed’ aerosol that it hopes will revolutionise the deodorant aisle and make it more sustainable.

The new deodorants require less propellant to deliver each spray, allowing the can to be reduced in size resulting in a 25% carbon footprint average reduction per can.

New bio-based hotmelt adhesives for packaging

henkel danimer biobased adhesives
Henkel and DaniMer Scientific LLC have formed an alliance to develop hotmelt adhesives that use bio-based raw materials. The initial target for these bio-based hotmelt adhesives will be the consumer packaging market including applications of end of line and labelling.


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