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Compostable plastics manufacturer expands Chinese production capacity

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Cardia Bioplastics plant in Nanjing
Australian compostable resins and packaging products manufacturer Cardia Bioplastics has expanded the production capacity of its factory in Nanjing, China.

The company added six new film extrusion and bag making lines to the plant, doubling its production capacity of both biohybrid and compostable bags to over 250 million per annum.

According to Cardia Bioplastics, prior to the new equipment installations, the Nanjing plant had already been operating at full capacity due to an increase in orders from provincial councils across the world for compostable waste bags, and from US and European retailers for its compostable and biohybrid dog waste bags.

Jackie Chen, Cardia Bioplastics general manager for China operations, said, “We are delighted with the expansion of our film and bag production. Our new purpose built factory in Nanjing had doubled our annual production capacity to 250 million bags, enabling us to deliver continually increasing orders and further grow our business.”

Cardia Bioplastics managing director Frank Glatz said, "The move to the new factory and expansion of film extrusion and bag making has been well timed, with the growing demand for sustainable bags and products with a lower carbon footprint, driven by consumers, brand owners, governments and councils
" With these production lines in full operation, we are well positioned to meet further increased orders."



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