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UK oxo-degradable producer signs on exclusive distributor for China

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Symphony Environmental Technologies plc, a UK producer of oxo-degradable additives, has signed an exclusive 20-year Chinese distribution agreement with newly formed Super Success International Limited (SSI).

This agreement between Symphony’s wholly owned subsidiary Symphony Environmental Ltd and SSI is the UK company’s first exclusive distribution agreement for China, and according to the company, “represents an important sales initiative for d2w in one of the world’s largest markets”.

The deal is for d2w and d2detector technologies, and details minimum purchase orders for each 12-month period in order to maintain exclusivity. The parties will also consider extending the agreement to include d2p in due course.

d2w is Symphony’s brand of oxo-degradable additive while the d2w detector is am anti-counterfeiting control machine that helps verify the authenticity and presence of d2w and d2p in products and packaging. d2p is an additive system that provides plastic products with particular anti-microbial benefits, helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Michael Laurier, Symphony’s CEO, said, “We are very pleased to have completed this Agreement with SSI, and this is a very important step for Symphony and also for China as it moves forward in adopting these technologies to help protect the environment from persistent plastic pollution.

“We are excited to be associated with Mr Wang Liming (Chairman of Dongguan Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Co. Ltd) who has formed SSI for the purpose of distributing d2w and d2detector in China.”

Eddie Yue Chi Cheong, CEO of Super Success International Limited, called this partnership “an exciting project” and said, “The market in China is extremely large with PE capacity alone expected to reach more than 10 million tons by 2013.

“The environmental effect of plastic pollution is a big issue in China for both Government and consumers and I see d2w as playing an important role in resolving this continuing problem which is not only a visual eye-sore, but also creates long term damage to our fragile environment. I am delighted to be able to help give our children a better life by putting a drop of d2w in plastic products from now.”


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