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Economic Crisis Impact on the Packaging Industry

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econ-crisis Size:     A4
Extent:     128 pp
Data:     84 charts, 30 data-tables
Format:     Pdf only
File size:     3.8mb
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This 128 page Master Report: Detailed Analysis, examines and compares the impact of the Economic Crisis on the Packaging Supply Chain on three continents Europe, North America and Asia from a micro regional perspective.

It delves deeper into the causes and implications of the current crisis on the Packaging industry and builds on the macro analysis of the Executive Report (included) to provide an in-depth perspective of the Packaging Industry on the three continents of Europe, North America and Asia.

Based on exclusively collected proprietary primary data the report sales performance, headcount and capital expenditure trends through 2009 to end 2010.

Complete with 84 graphs and charts and 30 data tables the Master Report analyses industry performance region-by-region AND sector-by-sector from Q4 2008 to end 2009.

Additionally it provides company-supplied real-life projections and key industry performance indicators for the remainder of 2009 and longer-term estimates for 2010.

Highlights from the survey


  • Sales projections for the first half of ‘09 show continuing downward trend.

  • The rate of decline will ease slightly in North America and the Euro Zone; most companies project negative growth of below -2% to -5%.

  • Asia will decline to +8%, down from averages of +11%

  • A minority of manufacturers project sales growth of more than 40%. Again, Asia will be the main beneficiary.

Headcounts Frozen

  • Most companies report flat headcounts throughout 2009-10

  • Significant number will be slashing staff – mostly by about 5%.

  • A minority of the hardest hit firms anticipate more than 40% of jobs will be lost.

  • A small proportion say they plan on hiring in 2009; again, confined mainly to the Asian region.

Capital Equipment

  • More than half of all packaging producers reported a capital expenditure freeze - no investment plans through 2010.

  • Of those that have ’09 capital expenditure plans, only 10% have budgeted more than US$2 million.

  • Converting equipment tops the shopping list, followed by printing presses (digital, offset, flexo and gravure). Other equipment purchases being budgeted for include labelling, prepress, CAD/CAM, inspection, filling & sealing, extrusion and moulding machinery.

Retail & Brand Owners Increase Investment

  • Major retailers and brand owners recorded declining ’08-’09 sales.

  • Without exception, all have major investments and expansion plans for ’09-2010.

  • Continued Asian GDP growth will make it the main target.

{tab=Scope of this Report}

This report was complied using Primary and Secondary data:-

  • Extensive use of primary data from a proprietary PackWebasia.com on-line survey conducted with more than 550 packaging sector players on three continents - North America, Europe and Asia - between March and April 2009. 

  • Sales performance analysis of Q4 2008 and in-house projections for ’09 from six key Packaging Supply Chain Sectors demonstrate the full impact of the current crisis on the Retailer, Brand Owner, Designer, Package Manufacturer, Equipment and Materials Supplier, Packaging Association & Consultants.Segmented by Region, Company Size and Market Orientation (Domestic or Export) highlights regional and sectoral differences.

  • Employment prospects for 2009 through to 2010 analyzed by RegionExternal economic factors from secondary sources and their effect on the Packaging Supply Chain through to end 2010.Insight on regional differences in both impact and response to the crisis. 

  • Packaging Equipment and Demand analyzed from detailed budgeted capital expenditure.

  • Additional primary data contributed by staff reporters and editors from original face-to-face interviews with industry players published by PackWebasia.com during the focus time-frame

  • Secondary data was used in conjunction with the above to compile monthly growth projections through to end 2010for Q4 ‘08 and Q1 ‘09 (October ‘08 - March ‘09).

{tab=Content Summary}

Economic Crisis: Impact on Packaging - Master Report 2008-2010
A two volume report that includes the Executive Macro Report - also sold separately:

Executive Report: Macro Analysis Q4 '08/Q1 '09

Master Report: Micro Analysis 2008 - 2010

Sales Performance 2008

  • Q4 2008 Packaging Sales Performance
  • Q4 2008 Sales Performance by Region
  • Q4 2008 Sales Performance by Sector

Sales Forecast 2009

  • Global Packaging Sales Forecasts \'09
  • Packaging Sales Forecasts by Region ‘09
  • Packaging Sales Forecasts by Sector ‘09


  • Headcount Projections 2009
  • Headcount Projections by Region 2009

Capital Investment

  • Macro ‘09 Capital Investments by Value
  • Capital Investment ‘09 Budget by Region
  • Capital Investment ‘09 by Equipment Type


  • Analysis of results
  • Packaging Growth 2007-2010
  • Historical Packaging Growth Trends ‘07-’08
  • Growth Projections 2009-2010

Foreword: A Looming Crisis, Rolling Thunder

  • Escalating prices 2007-08 of Oil & Energy, Food Security, Minerals & Commodities
  • Outsourcing trends in manufacturing, to Eastern Europe, Asia 2006-08 & The Rise of China
  • Consumer Demand & Regional Consumer Spending Projections & Inflation 2007-2010
The Perfect Tsunami – September 2008
  • US banking crash & the collapse of global trade,
  • Crisis Time-line
  • The two-faced crisis: West & East
Packaging & The Crisis
Packaging performance, and projections, from 2008-2010 segmented by:
  • Region: N America, Western Europe & Asia
  • Industry Sector: Retail, Brand Owner, Designer, Package Manufacturer & Supplier (Equipment, Materials)
  • The report also examines the impact on packaging of Regional Economic Indicators
  • Labour Market & Unemployment Projections by Region
  • Capital investment plans segmented by: Price-range, Regional Allocation, Equipment Type.
Extensive Appendix
  • Inflation & Regional Inflation Projections
  • Trade & Quarterly Export projections for Goods & Services 2008-‘10
  • GDP Growth & Regional GDP Growth 2007-10
  • Government Stimulus Packages by Region

{tab=Who will benefit?}

Who should buy?
How will you benefit?
Retailers Get invaluable insight into the current regional demographic, consumer spending and economic trends 
Brand Owners

Understand the regional shifts in retail growth

Gain insight into your suppliers' sales projections and capital expenditure plans  

Designers Plan how and where you will service your clients in the future
Packaging Producers

Understand where the production demand will be focused

Consolidation is inevitable - interpret the data to re-orient the business

Develop strategies for survival

Plan for recovery

Equipment & Materials Suppliers

Most of your customers are slashing capital expenditure budgets!

Some do have major investments planned

Learn what equipment will be in demand in 2009-'10

Learn where it is in demand

Use the data to re-strategize your sales programmes


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