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Tokyo Pack appoints Strategic Markets Consultant to increase international presence

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TokyoPack and EP Resources
The Tokyo Pack Secretariat has appointed EP Resources Pte Ltd (Singapore) as its Strategic Markets Consultant to provide market information, research analysis and communications support for Tokyo Pack 2014 (TP2014) to international exhibitors and overseas visitors.

Owned and operated by the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), Tokyo Pack is Asia’s premier packaging exhibition, featuring more than 2,600 booths representing 600 companies in the 23,000m2 exhibition space, and attracting more than 70,000 visitors from inside Japan and overseas.

“The appointment of EP Resources will strengthen the Tokyo Pack exhibition in the international market as exhibitors and Japan Packaging Institute members are increasingly looking to expand sales and operations overseas,” said Mr. Yoichi Sonoyama, Secretary General of the TOKYO PACK 2014 Secretariat.

Based in Singapore, EP Resources is the primary source of specialised packaging industry information in the Asia Pacific region through its market analysis and consultancy services and through its publishing division which publishes Asian Packaging Business Insight monthly newsletter and the daily packaging news website www.PackWebasia.com.

Tasked with raising the profile of the Tokyo Pack exhibition and helping JPI members and Tokyo Pack exhibitors grow their international presence, EP Resources will provide analysis and assistance to introduce Japan’s packaging industry and TP2014 in the strategic overseas markets of South East Asia, Europe and North America.

In addition, EP will consult on developing the TP2014 English language website, printed materials, advertising and communication.

Mr. Hajime Furuya, Director & Secretary General of JPI, said, “Japan Packaging Institute has had a close relationship with Mr. Hoggard since 1996, when he first addressed the Japanese International Packaging Symposium held at Tokyo Pack, and we are now pleased that we are able to collaborate with EP Resources to further develop our members’ overseas interests.”

“The Japanese packaging industry is frequently mischaracterised in the West as being cute, elaborate and over-packed,” commented Stuart Hoggard, CEO of EP Resources Pte Ltd. “This is far from the truth! Our job is to de-mystify that image and help JPI, its members and TP2014 exhibitors expand their markets overseas.

“Certainly packaging in Japan is elaborate, but the common view in Japan is that ‘if a company’s packaging is not 100% perfect, the product inside might not also be perfect’. This mindset and demand for quality is what has made Japanese packaging so technologically advanced as well as sustainable,” explained Hoggard.

“The Japanese packaging industry is well-poised for growth not only in Japan, but in international markets. EP Resources is honoured to have been chosen by Japan Packaging Institute to be its Strategic Markets partner and look forward to helping Japan cement its position as one of the world’s leading packaging markets.”

A major part of the co-operation will be a one-day orientation programme to Japanese Packaging for foreign visitors on Monday, 6 October 2014 (the day before the TP2014 Opening). Jointly developed by EP Resources and JPI, the Tokyo Pack Insight Japan Tour will provide a unique introduction to the Japanese packaging industry, introducing the key drivers of Japanese consumer packaging, environmental, legislative and the cultural influences on packaging technology, R&D (research and development) and design.

About EP Resources Pte Ltd

EP Resources Pte Ltd was established by Stuart Hoggard in 1999 in Singapore as a specialist consultancy and information provider for the packaging industry in Asia Pacific.

Its consultancy division has worked on projects for multinational corporations entering the Asian Print and Packaging Markets and has undertaken market potential analysis in the packaging design sector for Apple Computers, digital label markets for HP Indigo, and folding carton markets for a major European paperboard converter. It has also advised on developing a Mergers & Acquisition strategy in South East Asia for a major Japanese food service packaging producer, and market-entry analysis for a Japanese specialty films supplier.

Its publications department is responsible for the monthly newsletter Asian Packaging Business Insight and the daily internet news website www.packwebasia.com . It also publishes a series of multi-client market analysis reports on Packaging Environment Legislation in Asia, Sustainability Compliance Guides and Packaging Design.       

About Tokyo Pack

Launched in 1966 and owned and operated directly by the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), the biennial (every two years) exhibition will feature more than 2,600 booths representing 600 companies in the 23,000m2 exhibition space, which attracts more than 70,000 visitors from inside Japan and overseas.
During the last edition, more than 170,000 people visited TOKYO PACK 2012 during the four-day exhibition. For more information, visit here.



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