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Rengo reopens corrugated packaging plant at Japanese earthquake site

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Rengo Co Ltd has started operations at its Shin-Sendai plant as a reconstructed and revitalized replacement of the Sendai plant that suffered extensive damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011.

In a press statement, the company said that this new plant in Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, - with 28,284 square metres of floor area - was constructed as part of Rengo’s desire to serve as “a leader in reconstruction in the Tohoku region, beginning with Miyagi Prefecture”.

With the prompt restoration of this new plant in replacement of the former facility in Miyagi’s Senda-shi, corrugated packaging production can start again, providing employment for at least 100 staff, while supplying solutions for transportation once more.

Rengo said, “As an appropriate facility for manufacturing fully recyclable and environmentally friendly corrugated packaging, the new plant gives ample consideration to environmental impact, seen in its installation of rengo shin sendai plantphotovoltaic power generating systems, storage batteries, and other equipment.

“It also incorporates the lessons that were learned during the Great East Japan Earthquake,” the company added, highlighting special new features such as strengthened resistance to earthquakes, and the installation of large lithium-ion storage batteries for power storage.

These new storage batteries, produced by ELIIY Power Co Ltd, have “exemplary safety related qualities”, said Rengo. For example, they do not emit smoke or fire even when a nail is pounded into them. By combining them with photovoltaic power generation, self-sustained operations are possible during power outages.

In addition to usage during times of emergency, these storage batteries will also contribute to the shifting of electricity consumption peak times by storing cheap nighttime electricity in them which will be then be used during those peak times during the day.


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