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Easy-to-open and seal solution for fresh and dairy flexible packaging market

Easy-to-open and seal solution for fresh and dairy flexible packaging market, Amcor Flexibles, Velcro Europe, packaging, Asia
Two major players in the packaging industry have come together to develop an innovative easy-to-open and reseal system to the fresh and dairy flexible packaging market.

Through a strategic partnership, Amcor Flexibles and Velcro Europe recently launched a new offering that combines a choice of high quality films adapted to meet all fresh and dairy product (cheese, milk powder, fresh ready meals, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables) requirements in combination with the Velcro Brand Press-Lok closure.

The Velcro Brand Press-Lok system is consumer friendly due to the easy alignment of the two Components. It is simple to open and re-seal.

In addition, the system is still functional even if contaminated by food because the hooks will still close, unlike existing closure systems where the rail track would get obstructed.

"Amcor and Velcro Europe are confident that this innovative, user-friendly solution brings important new benefits to our customers and we look forward in 2012 to delivering sales growth to the fresh and dairy market” says Philippe Scherrer, Marketing Director, Fresh, Dairy and Capsules at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas.

"Velcro Europe S.A. is proud to partner with Amcor Flexibles to become a true solutions provider to the fresh and dairy market, combining the innovation and prestige of both organizations to enable our customers to move towards simple, smart, consumer friendly packaging solutions." says Lenny Swart, SBU Manager for Packaging & Materials Handling EMEA at Velcro Europe S.A.


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