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Advertorial on PackWebasia

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Where Editorial Sells:
Content Marketing Advertorial Programme

content-is-kingEditorial content is one of the best marketing tools you have in your arsenal - It effectively uses editorials specifically written to 'sell' your product and/or service, while providing useful information to the reader without sounding like a sales pitch.
Content Marketing Is effective - it sells product while engaging our readers.

PackWebasia's Content Marketing programme can help you reach your customers in the most effective and direct way for a full year from just €132 (US$150), providing you with a Full Page to tell your story, showcase your product with two images, include company sales contact details with email and website links, and even demonstrate your products/services with video!

{tab What is Content Marketing?}

Content marketing has many names: Advertorial, custom publishing, custom media, customer media, customer publishing, member media, private media, branded content, corporate media, corporate publishing, corporate journalism, branded media and press releases.

They all mean the same thing: The guarantee that Your story will be published to Our readers.

{tab Why Advertorials Work}

1. Advertorials Increase Reader Knowledge

It is important that customers have the correct knowledge to base their purchase decisions on, and that is what advertorials do.
Well-crafted advertorials are not simply copy-pasted from your product catalogue and do not obviously focus on 'selling the product'. They focus on increasing our readers' knowledge. Good advertorials discuss problems and provide solutions, informing our readers about the advantages associated with your product or service.

2. Advertorials Generate Leads & Increase Sales

The main objective of an advertorial is to increase sales. When customers read a well crafted advertorial, they feel that your product or service can satisfy a specific need compared with other similar products and services which do not provide a compelling story, and then they make a purchase decision, or place a follow-up enquiry.
Readers should come away feeling almost as informed as when they've read one of our news articles.
Yet, for all their editorial content, advertorials exist to make sales.
Done correctly, an online advertorial takes your offer out of the realm of "advertisement" and places it seamlessly into the category of "useful information."

{tab What do I get?}

Our Content Marketing programme gives you an arsenal of tools to tell your story:cama-advertorial

  • 1. A full-page article published in our Supplier News section to tell your story in 650 words - they can actually be longer, but to be useful it has to hold our reader's attention till the end.
  • 2. TWO photographs in a 'pop-up' image gallery (click on the pic to see an example).
  • 3. Your company logo/ product-brand at the end of the article.
  • 4. Your contact details, address, phone numbers etc.
  • 5. Links to your email and website (Our news editorial pages do NOT have this lead generation feature).

- Advertorials appear on the FRONT PAGE for up to three days.

- Archived forever on PackWebasia; accessible through our website's 'Search' function.

{tab Asian Language Support}

ALL Advertorials on PackWebasia speak the language of your Asian markets - all 12 of them: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malayu, 2 types of Chinese (traditional & simplified), VietNamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Arabic and Farsi - as well as English.

{tab Search Engine Optimised}

It's a Google World we live in!

Getting your article published is only half the battle. To guarantee impact, you ALSO need to have a presence across a range of platforms - a daunting prospect. Fortunately ALL Advertorials on PackWebasia take advantage of our technology to do this for you:- 

Search Engines, like Google or Yahoo, drive customers to your website - or maybe they don't!!

Cama-google-searchSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex combination of algorithms that factor in the cumulative combination of page visits, key-words, incoming / outgoing links and many other factors to determine where a webpage ranks in a user search.    

On the left you can see a generic Google search 'Cama packaging'

The top link is to Italian equipment manufacturer Cama's own website. However their Advertorial on PackWebasia.com features on links 2, 3 and 4

This tells us three things:-

1. Google has only indexed the company's home-page, but not its product line

2. Google ranks PackWebasia as an important source

3. The advertorial page had sufficient 'hits' from our readers for Google to recognise and list it THREE times on the first listing page. 

That's SEO - and it is driving customers to PackWebasia.com Supplier product pages.

{tab Socially Networked}

PackWebasia.com connects with readers across a range of professional B2B platforms:

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