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Packaging 201: Packaging & The Environment

Sustainability (Environmentally Friendly Packaging) is the hot topic in global packaging

  • Laws Require it
  • Consumers Demand it
  • Customers Need it
  • Producers & Designers Benefit from it
  • But WHAT is Sustainability?

This Course provides a practical production approach to the Sustainability issue


• What it is

• Understand the laws & compliance

• How to Evaluate it

• How to Implement it

• How to Significantly Cut Costs -  Immediately

These  modules are designed for Executive Decision-makers at Brand Owners, Design Houses & Package Producers and are delivered at both Intermediate & Advanced level

201.1: Understanding Packaging Sustainability

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Executive  Management level:

Brand Owner, Designer & Packaging Producer looking to understand the issues and advantages behind ‘environmentally friendly packaging’

To provide a fundamental understanding of Sustainability in Packaging, Regulatory Framework & Cost savings through Sustainability

Students will be able to assess their own business operations and implement costs and waste reductions through Sustainability

Course Content:

What is Sustainability?

  • The 8 key sustainability principals
  • Implications for packaging
  • Why is Sustainability a big issue?
  • Cost Savings

Compliance Framework

  • Implications for International Compliance

The Benefits & Savings of Sustainability

  • Waste reduction = cost reduction
  • Design for Environment - what is it?
  • Life Cycle Assessment - what is it?
  • Carbon Credits - what are they?
  • Is there a financial advantage in all this?

What is 3-R?

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - what does it mean in practice
  • How does it benefit the business?
  • Where do we start?

20 Sustainable tips to Implement Immediately

  • Real-lifepagkaging & cost reduction measures

Best Practice Sustainability

  • Calibrating Sustainability
  • Marketing of Your Sustainability Efforts
  • Measures that can re-position packaging
  • The Sins & Dangers of Greenwashing
  • How to avoid them
201.2: Packaging Cost Reduction & Benefits of Sustainability
Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Executive Management level, CSR & Compliance Officers, HR Executives at:

Brand Owner, Design House & Packaging Producers looking to implement Sustainable Best Practices


To provide a Management System to implement a Design for Environment programme of cost and waste savings


Students will be equipped with tools that can be adapted into their corporate culture of packaging requisitioning & production

Course Content:

What is Sustainability?

  • The 8 key sustainability principalsImplications for packaging

Why is Sustainability a big issue?

  • Cost Savings with DfE (Design for Environment)
  • Global Warming
  • Media & Consumer pressure
  • Waste Management Issues

Compliance & Legislation

  • Legislation & Standards in Asia differences
  • Regulations in Asia & Internationally: EC Directive 94/62 (Packaging Waste), RoHS & REACH (EU), Packaging & Container Law (Japan), Package Recycling Regulations (China)
  • Environmental Standards: CEN (EU), Asian Environmentally Conscious Packaging Standards, Sustainable Packaging ISO Standards

Understanding Sustainable Cost Benefits

  • Waste reduction = cost reduction
  • Lightweighting/ package migration/ material selection

What is 3-R?

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - What does it mean in practice
  • How does it benefit the business?
  • Where do we start?

Twenty 3-R Cost Savings to Implement Tomorrow

Design for Environment (DfE) The Management Perspective

  • Management Considerations, strategies
  • Writing the specs
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Ensuring Fit for Purpose

Practical DfE

  • Design tools
  • Resource Minimisation:
  • Reducing production losses
  • Reducing voidspace, Lightweighting & downsizing
  • Reducing energy use

Integrating DfE into the Corporate Culture

  • Establishing responsibility
  • Setting up the team/ Defining the goals
  • Monitoring Compliance

Case Studies

  • Success stories from Europe & Japan

Best Practice Marketing

  • Measures that can re-position your brand packaging
  • The Sins of Greenwashing


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