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Packaging 101: Introduction to Packaging

For new staff and those who want to refresh their knowledge and/or go beyond their specific packaging fields.

This foundation unit introduces the COMMERCIAL  & TECHNICAL aspects of packaging.

Designed for the entire Packaging Supply Chain, this unit provides the practical framework to a packaging career in Asia.


Who should attend?

Brand Owners

Design Houses

Packaging Suppliers & Manufacturers

Retailers with house-brands




This Course provides the practical framework to a career in packaging.

NOTE: These three modules  can be delivered as a 2 or 3 day course: Eg:

2 Days: Packaging Business 101.1 + 101.2

2 Days: Packaging Technology 101.1 & 101.3

3-Days: Comprehensive Packaging Foundation 101.1, 101.2  & 101.3

101.1 Packaging Foundation
Level: Foundation Duration 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

  • Newly hired staff
  • Packaging specialists requiring an understanding of the industry beyond their field
  • ALL staff requiring a ‘refresher’ course in the business & technology of Packaging


To provide a solid foundation to the Packaging Industry


Students will have an understanding of the fundimentals considerations of packaging

Course Content

The Packaging Function

  • Basic functions of the package: Protect Promote Preserve

Understanding the Packaging Supply Chain

  • What is it?
  • Where do you sit in it?
  • How can it be managed & controlled?

Introduction to Packaging Materials

  • What materials & processes are typically used for end use products:
    • Food &Beverage
    • Household Products, Cosmetics,
    • Consumer Electronics etc

Understanding the Print Production Workflow

  • Understanding that print process selection defines the graphic design

Legal Compliance Framework

  • Implications for International Compliance

What is Sustainability?

  • The 8 key sustainability principals
  • Implications for packaging production
  • Why is Sustainability a big issue?
  • Cost Savings


101.2 Commercial Packaging

Level: Foundation

Duration 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

ALL Commercial Staff requiring an initial understanding of the Business of Packaging.

A useful ‘refresher’ course in the business of practical packaging for experienced staff


To provide an understanding of the practical COMMERCIAL aspects of Packaging


Students will understand the business of packaging and who packaging is bought & sold

Course Content

Understand your Customer

  • Market, size, products, future plans/
  • Who are the contacts / decision makers ?

Basics of Buying & Selling Packaging

  • Typical Orders, Contracts & Supplier Responsibilities/

Cost make up of Packaging items

  • Feedstock Materials/ Feedstock Market Data and linkage
  • Added Value from suppliers
  • Run length / Order size effect

Cost modelling basics

  • Consequences of too low a price
  • Who pays for what? - Mould costs/ Trials, samples, proofs/ Machinery investment/Rejects / consequential loss


The Quotation Process

  • Format & Punctuality
  • Additional information - what is needed?/
  • What not to put in your quote

Alternatives (the bigger picture)

  • Hole in the Wall
  • Change of technology
  • Different materials/ Product replacement

Understanding the Benefits & Savings Sustainability

  • Waste reduction = cost reduction
  • Design for Environment - what is it?
  • Life Cycle Assessment - what is it?
  • Carbon Credits - what are they?
  • Is there a financial advantage in all this?

20 Sustainable tips to Implement Immediately

Note: It is recommended that this Unit be combined with 101.1 for a comprehensive course

101.3 Technical Packaging Foundation

Level: Foundation

Duration 1 Day

Packaging Production Technologies:



  • What polymers (plastics) are used in rigid and flexible plastics manufacture.
  • What are their key properties

Moulding Processes

  • Blow
  • Injection
  • Injection Blow
  • Injection Stretch Blow
    - What are they and when are they used


Flexible Materials & Conversion Processes

Mono, multi-layer and laminate materials

What are they and what do they offer?

Paper and Board

  • Virgin and recycled materials
  • What is corrugation and box making.
  • When are paper and board (fibre based materials) best used.

Key Packaging Print Technologies

Where & When to use each process:

  • Planographic (Offset Lithography (Litho/ Offset)/ Intaglio (Rotogravure/Gravure)/ Relief (Flexography/ Flexo/ Letterpress/ Dry Offset)/ Screen Printing/ Digital
  • Key differences between the print processes
  • Variable factors to be considered: Substrate/ run length & speed/ Types of illustrations/colours used/ Frequency of art-work changes/ Inks

20 Sustainable tips to Implement Immediately