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The Japanese Packaging Industry is one of the most advanced industries in the world. Yet, this highly innovative market - with its state-of-the-art technologies, unique packaging solutions, and sustainablilty focus - is for most part a mystery to the rest of the world. So what is driving Japan’s US$77 billion packaging industry?

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Innovation Takes Root 2012

itr2012 lunch session
US -
Descending from blue sky serenity to a touchdown in Orlando, NatureWorks’ trpical venue choice set the stage for their 3rd biennial biopolymer conference. Delegates representing 21 countries predominantly from US, Europe, China and Japan meshed with humanitarians, visionaries and chemists to deliver a strong message: Waste Not.

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IPACK-IMA closes on high note

ipackima exhibitorpic
The three-yearly exhibition of packaging and processing machinery, technology and materials, IPACK-IMA, recorded a marked visitor increase in international high-profile buyers from emerging countries, which made up 40% of its visitors. Read more ...
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