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PET and Polyester community meeting this week

PET and Polyester community meeting this week, Asia packaging, Singapore, packaging conference, plastic packaging
Attendees from across the Asian PET and polyester community will convene in Singapore on 13 – 14 November for The 2nd ICIS Asian PET & Polyester Conference.

The conference will explore new areas of growth and development while addressing the challenges caused by overcapacity, volatile MEG pricing, global economic struggles and the unknown impact of shale gas production in the US.

The expert speaker line up which includes Reliance Industries, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, BP and Kolon Global will also provide attendees with the latest market information on PET, polyester and their feedstocks as well as insight into the impact on the Asian industry of evolving global supply and demand dynamics.

Conference Producer, Sunaina Dasgupta stated: “The two day Conference is a rare opportunity for attendees to uncover emerging PET and polyester markets in Asia and explore new opportunities for growth in an ever changing market”.

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Sunaina Dasgupta
+44 020 8652 3645
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