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Asian PET & Polyester Conference takes place this month

Asian PET & Polyester Conference takes place this month, Asia packaging, Singapore, packaging conference, plastic packaging plastic resins
The 2nd ICIS Asian PET & Polyester Conference takes place in less than a month on 13 – 14 November 2014 in Singapore.

With PTA overcapacity and new plants coming on-stream that will further impact supply, alongside volatile MEG pricing, global economic struggles and the unknown impact of shale gas production in the US, these are undeniably difficult times.

New opportunities are emerging throughout the region with changing demand dynamics and developing downstream industries. In addition to this, the r-PET industry is constantly evolving, creating further scope for businesses in the region. 

Conference Producer Sunaina Dasgupta stated: “The two day Conference is devoted to overcoming challenges in the PET & polyester value chains, focusing on feedstock availability, price volatility and demand fluctuations”.

Expert speakers include Reliance Industries, Mitsubishi, BP, Honeywell and Kolon Global.

The ICIS Asian PET & Polyester Conference was hailed by PT Sulindafins’ Purchasing Director as “very informative and thought provoking”. The 2014 event will deliver a highly focussed agenda combining ICIS’ expert knowledge on global and regional market dynamics with insights from leading market players to provide a complete picture of the PET and polyester competitive landscape in Asia.

Find out more here.

Asian PET & Polyester Conference takes place this month, Asia packaging, Singapore, packaging conference, plastic packaging plastic resins



For further information contact
Sunaina Dasgupta
+44 020 8652 3645
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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