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Graphic & Structural Design

A glass illusion of movement

It appears to turn, to swing, to swirl up a fragrant aura – an illusion in glass; ‘Dancing Lady’ is the new perfume from Oriflame for which designers from German converter Gerresheimer have conjured up a magical flacon: in its own way just as vivacious and beautiful as the fantastically fragrant orchid from which ‘Dancing Lady’ takes its name.

Unlike the rare and vivacious bloom from the South Pacific rainforests which is reminiscent of a real dancer in a floating dress, the refined little flacon displays spherical shapes to allow the idea of the flower and its dance to be translated into a highly original and disarming abstraction.

Like the unfolding petals of a bud, the glass artists in Gerresheimer Momignies shaped three spheres into a fantastically light and vivacious object: the ingenious design gives the glass ‘Dancing Lady’ an unmistakable swing. GerresheimerOriflameB

In precise terms, the design consists of two spherical bowls set into each other and embracing a third apparently complete sphere. Asymmetry brings optical movement to this structure: the bowls incline in different angles and directions, and from the centre the smallest sphere grows as an immaculate globe.

To complete the vivacious picture, the designers introduced a hint of white on the clear glass – in ‘degradee’ spraying which gradually disappears towards the base in weightless transparency. The crowning glory to this is provided by the closure: in vibrant metallic lilac the spray head glints from a blossom-white sleeve which also looks like a multilayered bud – swinging in harmony with the glass, but in miniature.

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