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Vintage wine goes Tetra Pak

Vintage wine goes Tetra Pak, Bota Box, Tetra Pak, sustainability matters, sustainable applications
US –
Californian wine producer Bota Box has launched Bota 500ml Tetra Paks that are tailored to the active modern consumer lifestyle, as well as environmentally-friendly, the brand owner says.

Bota Box is crafted by DFV Wines, a family-owned winery with 87 years of experience in California winemaking and winegrowing. Launched in 2003, Bota Box produces premium California wine in 3-liter packaging made from 100% recyclable, unbleached, post-consumer fiber.

This year, the wine producer decided to extend its environmentally sensitive portfolio with the launch of its new, vintage Bota 500ml Tetra Paks nationwide in the US.Vintage wine goes Tetra Pak, Bota Box, Tetra Pak, sustainability matters, sustainable applications

“We take great care in making sure our wines are packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging, and in doing so, have received an overwhelming response from our customers,” said John Garaventa, Senior Brand Manager for Bota Box.

“We knew it was time to push the envelope by bringing something fresh and innovative to quality-and-eco-conscious wine enthusiasts. For us, Bota Tetra Paks are a homerun: quality wine, sustainable packaging, and convenient size.”

Bota Box 3L—packaged in 100% recyclable, unbleached, post-consumer fiber printed with soy-based inks— is already the green choice for wine enthusiasts, the company said. Lightweight Bota Tetra Paks further those eco-friendly efforts by boasting a smaller carbon footprint than the equivalent amount of 750ml glass bottles.

The smart, alternative packaging and size reduce greenhouse gasses by 75% and waste by 50%, cut fuel emissions due to its lighter shipping weight, and are produced primarily from paper which is a renewable resource.

“In addition to having a lighter carbon footprint, Bota Tetra Paks fall in sync with the active modern lifestyle,” added Garaventa. “The versatile containers are shatterproof, portable and practical with a re-sealable twist-off cap, making the Bota a perfect wine choice for ski trips, backpacking, camping, and outdoor entertainment.”


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