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Prize-winning brand benefits from premium packaging image

Prize-winning brand benefits from premium packaging image, Roggenkamp Organics, RPC Group, RPC Containers Blackburn, packagingGERMANY - An award-winning range of organic soups has underlined its premium credentials with the use of RPC Containers Blackburn’s eye-catching and convenient Thor Pot.

Roggenkamp Organics is a Germany company led by entrepreneur Stefan Roggenkamp to capitalise on the growing trend amongst German consumers for organic foods created using only premium, fresh ingredients. Established just four years ago in 2006, the company has already won the coveted title of Germany’s Organic Brand of the Year in 2009, and also exports to Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to several other product lines including ice creams, Roggenkamp has made a particular stamp on the market with its best-selling organic soups. It is this range for which RPC’s assistance has proved invaluable.Prize-winning brand benefits from premium packaging image, Roggenkamp Organics, RPC Group, RPC Containers Blackburn, packaging

“Image is vital to positioning ourselves as the premium organic brand on the market, so we needed premium packaging,” explains Stefan Roggenkamp. “RPC’s European-wide reputation, allied to RPC Blackburn’s particular expertise in soup containers, made it the ideal choice as our packaging supplier.”

The Thor Pot is RPC Blackburn’s solution in microwaveable, tamper evident food pots, whose proven functional benefits are matched by strong aesthetics. Injection moulded in polypropylene, the Thor’s robust, shatterproof design and wide opening ensure safe, convenient handling for consumers.

A tamper-evident tab delivers product security while the snug fitting, resealable lid maintains product freshness after opening.

For Roggenkamp Organics, the Thor Pot is supplied in contact clear injection moulded polypropylene in a 550 ml size. The soup range is enhanced with eye-catching label designs, which have already won both the Golden Pencil Award and a Bronze Lion award for design.

Currently, the Thor Pot is used with Roggenkamp Organics’ six flavours of soup, but it is anticipated that further innovative product lines will be packed in the format in the future.

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