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Plastic food packaging with glass-like qualities

rpcnowkaaGERMANY – Domestic food manufacturer Ernst Nowka GmbH & Co. KG, based in Uelzen, is using a 1062 ml Thermic Ultra foodservice jar from RPC Kutenholz, to match its successful introduction of a 2.4 litre variant.


rpcnowkabThe containers are known at Nowka under the name “NowoCup“ and are filled with various sweet-sour vegetable specialities, such as gherkins and squashes, and sold to end consumers, the gastronomy trade and industry. The products are marketed worldwide, with the main export countries being Canada, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Spain.

An induction guarantees a tamper-proof seal that, together with the PP/EVOH/PP barrier construction of the extrusion blow moulded container, protects the product against oxygen from the outside.

Both containers have a wide 100 mm opening through which products can easily be served. As the packaging is made from a special, high transparency material, it allows a clear view of the contents and has the same optical qualities as glass.

“We are very optimistic about the sales figures of the ‘NowoCups’,” said Ernst-Dieter Nowka, Managing Director of Nowka. “Demand is constantly growing. Our customers are increasingly aware that plastic packaging is the future!”

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