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Organic personal care products go for natural packaging design

mhplasticsluxsitaSWEDEN – For its new organic personal care range, Luxsit Organic Care decided to go for a clean brand look and a packaging design that communicates the earthly essence of the products.


The new range, Naturligt Vis, means “Natural Way” and the whole range of products is based on natural ingredients. The launch range comprises eight products. There are three HDPE bottles from M&H Plastics’ standard product range - a 300ml Short Tubular of Hand Soap with lavender, a 150ml Tubular Facial Wash containing olive oil, and two 50ml Tubular Facial Cream, one with borage for normal and one with shea butter for dry skin. In addition there are four products in tubes - 175ml containing Sugar Scrub with sunflower oil, a mhplasticsluxsitb175ml Shower Cream with avocado, 175ml Body Lotion and 75ml tube Hand Cream with marigold.

The range is unisex and the products look clean and contemporary whilst the packaging design featuring bright green foliage immediately conveys the product’s natural proposition.

Theresia Dibinger of Luxsit Organic Care said, “M&H Plastics worked closely with us to help to bring our concept to life, and we believe that the packaging conveys the brand essence extremely well.”

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