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HCT Too Faced Cosmetics packaged palette

hcttoofacedpaletteaUS – An elaborate card packaging, this limited edition cosmetic color palette is designed to look like a book that, when opened, reveals an enchanted pop-up fairy forest and everything consumers need to create a range of versatile looks fit for a fairy princess.


Released as part of the Too Faced Holiday collection, this sparkling limited edition folding cardboard palette was manufactured by HCT CA and communicates the fun and playful image of the Too Faced Cosmetics brand.

hcttoofacedpalettebUpon opening, the book-like palette features a woodland scene with pop-up fairies springing out, unveiling cosmetic products for the cheek area as well as look cards to help customers achieve different glamorous looks.

When the discrete drawer is pulled out, products for the eye and lip area are revealed.

Nick Gardner, Executive VP HCT CA, said, “We collaborated with Too Faced to bring their fairy fantasy to life, manufacturing the palette to reveal playful pop up characters to compliment the brand’s fun and innovative approach to cosmetics.

“The result is this highly collectable, limited edition palette which has been very successful with the end consumer.”

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