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Easy Lift for canned food

Easy Lift for canned food, Crown Holdings Inc, Crown Food Europe, Bonduelle, packaging
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Improving finger access under the metal can tab to ensure ease of opening without a can opener, the easy-open end used on Bonduelle’s Vapeur range of premium canned vegetables provides an additional convenience that differentiates the product range on store shelves.

This 83mm diameter Easylift easy-open end produced by Crown Holdings Inc Food Europe offers a generous gap between the can lid and the ring pull. This step change significantly improves finger access under the tab, making it even easier and quicker for all consumers, including seniors, children and the physically impaired, to open canned food products without using a can opener.Easy Lift for canned food, Crown Holdings Inc, Crown Food Europe, Bonduelle, packaging

The metal can ends can be used for a wide range of food applications, including ready meals, fish, dairy and pet food as well as in the canned vegetables market, for which the 83mm size is particularly popular.

At the recent 2010 Can of the Year Awards, Crown Food Europe received a Gold Award in the Food Three-piece can category for its Easylift technology.

“Crown’s top priority is bringing continuous innovation to our customers and helping them gain a competitive advantage,” said Chris Homfray, President, Crown Europe. “The full aperture end and Easylift™ easy-open ends represent significant changes in our industry and add a new level of convenience for consumers.

“We are honored to be recognized for the technical expertise that was involved in bringing both of these technologies to market.”


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