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Dispensing wisdom with tape

Dispensing wisdom with tape, Payne, Carind, packaging, Asia
The benefits of Payne tear tape have enabled Italian tissue manufacturer Carind to ensure that packs of napkins can be opened quickly and effectively for use with the company’s bespoke dispensers.

Founded in Italy in 1988, Carind is a paper making company specialising in the production of tissue paper and other goods, for industrial hygiene and domestic uses.  Among its extensive product portfolio are Value and Daily Gold napkins, which are designed to fit the company’s convenient dispensers, from which catering staff take the required amount.Dispensing wisdom with tape, Payne, Carind, packaging, Asia

As the napkins retail in large flow-wrapped packs, Carind needed an easy opening mechanism that would allow users access to the contents in a fast, safe and efficient manner.  The company located Payne –  one of the world’s leading tear tape manufacturers – via its website.

Payne recommended the use of its best-selling Supastrip self-adhesive tape, which is applied to the flow-wrap during Carind’s production process, for streamlined, cost-effective application.  The tape is also supplied on long reel lengths to minimise any disruption caused by changeovers.

Carind also benefits from using a red tape, which enables customers to quickly identify where to open.

Tommaso De Santis, Carind’s General Manager expressed satisfaction with the adhesive solution: “Payne’s elegant, innovative solution offers both easy, efficient opening for our customers and an ideal complement to our on-pack branding.”

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