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Clear, lightweight copolyester enhances stylish plastic lunchbox

Clear, lightweight copolyester enhances stylish plastic lunchbox, Eastman Chemical Company, Black+Blum, packaging
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Determined to create a functional and stylish lunchbox for adults, London design consultancy, Black+Blum introduces the plastic package Box Appetit with a lid made of Eastman Tritan copolyester, which balances the properties of clarity, toughness, and heat and chemical resistance, and is bisphenol A (BPA) free.

Black+Blum developed the Box Appetit to address the unmet need for a practical, aesthetically pleasing lunchbox for use in office settings. Box Appetit contains a variety of removable compartments, a sauce container and a fork with a cutting edge made with a unique polypropylene composition, which has more of a ceramic feel.

The Box Appetit lid, made with Eastman Tritan copolyester, includes a dipping well for sauce and a silicon seal for watertight closure. The lid also keeps internal compartments secure by applying pressure so contents don't move or rattle.Clear, lightweight copolyester enhances stylish plastic lunchbox, Eastman Chemical Company, Black+Blum, packaging

"When designing the Box Appetit lid, we had a vision of incorporating the old-fashioned appeal of a Kilner jar with a heavy glass lid and metal sealing clasps," said Dan Black, designer, Black+Blum. "Because glass just isn't practical for a lunchbox that is transported between home and the office, we needed a material that provided clarity and durability without the weight."

Black+Blum chose Eastman Tritan copolyester for the Box Appetit lid because it is heat- and chemical-resistant. The lid maintains its rigidity and shape after exposure to harsh conditions in dishwashers. The design flexibility of Tritan also allows thicker sections in the lid for the dipping well, along with etching of the product name on the lid. Black+Blum also valued that Tritan is BPA-free.

"After reviewing all of our material options, we found that Eastman Tritan copolyester was the only material that met all of our functional and aesthetic requirements," Black said. "It was a challenge specifying the proper material for the Box Appetit lid, but working with Eastman and utilizing Tritan helped us separate our product from other lunchboxes on the market."

The Box Appetit is available in black and red; orange; blue; and lime green. Complementing the Box Appetit, a recipe book, Lunch Box Revolution, and waterproof Box Appetit lunchbox bag also are available.

About Black+Blum
Black+Blum is an Anglo-Swiss partnership that joined forces in 1998 and is based in London, the European heart of design. As a design consultancy, Black+Blum advises companies on any creative aspect. The accumulating insight into different markets catalyzed Black+Blum's decision to develop its own range of products and has since become a vehicle to fully explore and enjoy its creativity. Black+Blum's designs have won numerous awards and are sold through selected stores all over the world.

About Eastman Chemical Company
Eastman's chemicals, fibers and plastics are used as key ingredients in products that people use every day. Approximately 10,000 Eastman employees around the world blend technical expertise and innovation to deliver practical solutions. A global company headquartered in Kingsport, Tenn., USA, Eastman had 2010 sales of US$5.8 billion.


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