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New look and feel for Twinings tea packaging

New look and feel for Twinings tea packaging, Twinings, Mondi, Asia packaging, UK packaging
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Twinings is now the first tea manufacturer to use pre-made stand-up pouches for tea bags, achieving high differentiation on the shelf.

The well-known UK tea producer R. Twining & Company Limited was looking for new and different ideas to position itself as an innovative supplier, and decided to take up Mondi’s suggestion of packaging tea in stand-up pouches that have a special structure that allows the product to be partially seen through the packaging.

To achieve visibility of the product on the shelf with the help of a transparent window, an EVOH barrier with high foil opacity was applied. The new pouches are used for tea bags in pyramid form as well as for loose leaf tea and can be easily opened and reclosed.New look and feel for Twinings tea packaging, Twinings, Mondi, Asia packaging, UK packaging

Mondi’s stand-up pouches offer the customer a variety of benefits, including perfect protection, ease of use, excellent brand presentation and a long shelf life without loss of flavour thanks to high-barrier laminates. The material consists of PET / PE EVOH with an integrated zipper – this convenient mechanism to open and close the pouch is a great advantage for the end consumer.

“We have become a trusted partner for R. Twining & Company and are happy to once again demonstrate our innovative strength and creativity with the new packaging solutions,” says Thomas Gröner, Head of Innovation, Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging. The pouches offer Twinings customers an entirely new experience when selecting from the shelf which has so far been dominated by regular carton packaging.

The products have been launched in the UK – the market launch in Western Europe will follow next and a project for the Australian market is underway.

Mondi also provides the Twinings brand with unprinted barrier pouches, tea bag envelopes (Envo) and inner wrap packs.

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