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New plastic bottle design fires up ketchup market

New plastic bottle design fires up ketchup market, Theodor Kattus GmbH, RPC Promens Consumer Kutenholz, Fuego ketchups, Asia packaging
Theodor Kattus GmbH has introduced a new innovative stylish ketchup bottle that stands out from conventional ketchup bottle designs.

Developed by RPC Promens Consumer Kutenholz, the 300ml multilayer polypropylene pack incorporates an EVOH oxygen barrier for extended shelf life and is suitable for hot filling.

Featuring a modern attractive ribbed design with complementing serving cap and large labelling area - all of which help to create effective on-shelf presence - the lightweight, easy-to-handle bottle is also squeezable for maximum consumer convenience.

The bottle is being used for Theodor Kattus’s new Fuego ketchups, the fruity classic “Tomato”, the spicy variant “Roasted Garlic” and the fiery hot “Birds Eye Chilli”, all of which have been specially designed for the barbecue to add that touch of Mexican fire to the grill.



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