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Danone Yili limited edition packaging design builds brand loyalty and sales across China

Danone Yili limited edition packaging design builds brand loyalty and sales across China, Brandimage, Danone, Yili, Asia packaging
The limited edition packaging for Danone’s Yili, a bottled mineral water that is sourced from Guangdong, elevatse the current bottle design, reflects its local heritage and attracts a younger demographic.

Created by Brandimage, the packaging design was recently voted on10brandchina for the country’s top brands by consumers across China and Yili won top mineral water.

"The inspiration behind the Yili bottle design was Guangdong itself. Our strategy, Follow the Rhythm of Nature, comes from the natural beauty of China’s 24 annual solar seasons,” explained Steve McGinnes, Managing Director of Brandimage Asia. 

“We created a series of 24 bottles each featuring local flora from Guangdong. The designs, which launch in sets of four, are in three unique seasonal categories – feel the nature, engage the nature and harvest the nature. We are very proud of both the concept and the work.”

With shrink-wrap the only feasible packaging option, Brandimage used the bottles’ full transparency so that the ethereal plant and flower illustrations effortlessly float across the bottles and appear one with the water. The brand mark is seamlessly incorporated into the packaging, allowing the vibrant colors to take center stage. The result is premium water bottle designs that celebrate mother nature and instill pride in a local population.  

“Brandimage captured the beauty of Guangdong nature in a very meaningful way, as well as captured the hearts of local consumers. The team partnered with us to deliver above and beyond the brief, inspiring us with a unique approach to the project. I look forward to continued success for Yili as we roll out the remaining designs”, said Sylphia Wang, Associate Marketing Director of Danone Waters China.

Following the two Yili waves that have already launched, 16 additional designs, proudly celebrating Guangdong’s many seasons will roll out in the coming months.

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