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New packaging for premium seafood

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Oceanica, a premium brand belonging to America’s largest crab meat company Blue Star Foods, has unveiled its new redesigned packaging which emphasizes the gourmet quality of the crab product.

The work was done by branding and design agency, The CLIP Group, which
branding process for Oceanica was based on the client’s vision and objectives, current market conditions and foodservice client’s demands.

Blue Star Foods ultimately required a brand that emphasized the premium and gourmet quality of the crab product. Some aspects of the brand were predefined such as the name Oceanica and the packaging nets graphic pattern; therefore the designers had to take these limitations into consideration throughout the process.

“The client required branding and packaging for a premium product that was focused towards mainly independent restaurants. To have so much creative freedom for a foodservice product was a great opportunity for us to be pioneering,” said Anish Mistry Creative Director at The CLIP Group.

“We needed to ensure the colours, typography and the feel of the brand and packaging was high end whilst also ensuring that the key messages of the product were also portrayed. We had to create a visual brand with enough impact to engage with foodservice clients.”

Blue Star Foods CEO John Keeler commented “I have worked with The CLIP Group for a number of years on a handful of projects.  The team are very professional, easy to work with and they cater to our every requirement. The CLIP Group are very talented; they have a very creative British flair and always provide faultless designs. They are experts when it comes to design, branding and packaging for the food industry and I am looking forward to working with them on some exciting international projects very shortly.”


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