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One package for a multi-sensory tea drinking experience

One package for a multi-sensory tea drinking experience, Quinteassential, Pollard Boxes, Asia packaging, UK packaging
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Premium tea brand Quinteassential has introduced new packaging that showcases traditional and contemporary design elements for shelf-appeal, while engaging consumers on a multi-sensory level with its QR codes, music and imagery.

The brand’s key concept, ‘The Art of Tea’, is communicated through the packaging design, with each blend featuring a different work of art by artist Alberto Seveso that portrays the intensity of flavours through vivid colours using an ink and water technique not often seen on packages - the visual of the bold colours spreading on the clean white and elegant box echoes the explosion of flavours

The boxes, created by UK luxury packaging manufacturer Pollard Boxes, was specially designed to utilise its shape, texture and structure to achieve the desired experience for the consumer, while also preserving the quality and freshness of the tea.

Substrates used in the box construction include specially coated 1200 micron white lined board for the box and lid, with a 610 micron white folding box board for the shoulder. The lid wraps are 4-color litho printed with matte lamination and gold foil blocking, while the shoulder features one litho printed metallic Pantone color again with matte lamination. The unprinted box wrap is also matte laminated.

One package for a multi-sensory tea drinking experience, Quinteassential, Pollard Boxes, Asia packaging, UK packagingThe telescope design consists of both male and female Components that enable the product to be revealed gradually as part of the opening experience. The 1200 micron weight ensures a tight fit of both component, ensuring the aromas of the teas are not only kept sealed but are released gradually as the telescope opens.

Once opened, the consumer is greeted by a discreetly-coloured wallpaper, detailing Quinteassential’s ethos.  The blend itself is sealed in a clear bag placed beside an envelope of Quinteassential branded tea filters, which allow the tea drinker to experience the tea anywhere, anytime of the day.

Further enhancing the tea-drinking experience, a QR code at the back of each box is linked to a music track tailored to the inspiration for the blend, and the duration of the track acts as a tea timer; when the music has stopped playing, the brewing process is finished.

"The design and style of our new packaging is one that has never been seen in tea,” explained Bernadine Tay, founder of Quinteassential. “It combines a unique style with functionality that keeps the tea fresher for longer.

“More importantly, it is designed with the goal of having the aroma, flavour and the music all combined to invite and inspire the consumer to journey on an unexpected imaginary voyage of discovery.”

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