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New hair care packaging design reflects brand image

New hair care packaging design reflects brand image, Bluemarlin, Batistic, Church & Dwight, Asia packaging
UK -
Batiste, the UK’s top dry shampoo brand, has introduced a new reinvigorated visual identity that guides the visual expression for all of Batiste’s product pillars as they evolve their range of dry shampoos and extend the brand into styling products.

The brief was given to international brand design agency bluemarlin to create a design that captured Batiste’s mission to empower consumers to take better care of their hair and feel instantly transformed. The resulting design is stylish, full of impact and truly reflective of the brand’s quirky and confident personality.

The updated design takes Batiste’s distinctive patterns to the next level by adding an element of discovery, provoking loyal and new consumers alike to take a second look. Cherries reveal themselves to be bold red lips. Pink flamingos become Martini glasses while lotus flowers bloom into swans. This cheeky design convention unites the range as each variant playfully offers a different visual game. New hair care packaging design reflects brand image, Bluemarlin, Batistic, Church & Dwight, Asia packaging

Batiste’s new styling range also has discovery elements layered within the colourful and lively tendrils of hair. A lion roars at his tamer on the Smooth It Frizz Tamer and hot air balloons rise on the Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray. Sassy yet sophisticated, the new range fits within Batiste’s product portfolio perfectly and succeeds in communicating the brand’s message of providing instant style transformation.

The brandmark has also been boldly re-crafted with a capital “B.” Not only does this provide ease of reading, but it also showcases the brand’s confidence as the category leader.

Joanne Marshall, Marketing Manager at Church & Dwight – brand owner of Batiste - said, “Batiste leads the category for a reason. It is iconic, glamorous and lots of fun.

“The new identity brings the brand’s personality and spirit to life, while also illustrating how Batiste offers a solution for every hair need.”

“We took a lot of inspiration from global fashion trends, but Batiste’s edge comes from a central heritage of British quirkiness and style,” explained Ian Catling, Creative Director, Bluemarlin London.

“By infusing those discovery elements into the new identity, we begin a dialogue with Batiste’s consumer that is entertaining, witty and engaging.”

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