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New closure gives coffee lovers greater freedom

New closure gives coffee lovers greater freedom, Nestle, Global Closure Systems, GCS, Zeller Plastik
US –
An innovative new cap for Nestlé’s Coffee-mate 2GO is helping to satisfy the lifestyle expectations of “on-the-go” coffee drinkers in North America.

Launched in late 2014, Nestlé’s new Coffee-mate® 2GO™ creamer dispenser is a bespoke closure solution that incorporates a silicone valve sub-assembly designed and manufactured by Zeller Plastik, Global Closure Systems (GCS)’s production plant in Libertyville, Illinois.

Coffee-mate 2GO, the innovative and breakthrough product for the Coffee-mate brand and the creamer category, is a conveniently-sized, 90ml portable creamer that doesn’t require refrigeration, allowing consumers to transform their ordinary cup of coffee anywhere and at any time.

“The silicone valve has been specifically designed to perfectly match the product formulation,” said Peter Goshorn, Sales & Marketing Director, GCS Americas.

New closure gives coffee lovers greater freedom, Nestle, Global Closure Systems, GCS, Zeller PlastikThe closure’s red glossy finish offers stand-out, on-shelf appeal, while the need for tamper evidence is provided by a full body sleeve.

Nestlé, which introduced Coffee-mate® in 1961 as the first “non-dairy creamer” on the market, said GCS has met all the technical requirements and specifications of its beloved brand.

“Zeller Plastik’s collaboration on the cap development and execution for Coffee-mate 2GO helped us develop the perfect solution for the loyal Coffee-mate consumer who needs a portable creamer”, said Cyrille Durand, Group Manager, Technical Packaging, Nestlé USA.

“The market for enjoying coffee outside of the home continues to grow and developing Coffee-mate in a practical, ready-to-go offering meets the lifestyle of today’s consumer”.



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