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New IML dairy packaging stands out in Australian supermarkets

New IML dairy packaging stands out in Australian supermarkets, Pure Dairy, COLES, Verstraete IML, Asia packaging
The traditional Greek feta cheese from domestic dairy giant Pure Dairy for COLES stands out in the Australian supermarket chain with its striking new in-mould label (IML).

The label combines the brand-new lacquer options from Verstraete IML – Matt IML and UltraGloss IML – with Metallic IML, to create a luxurious and high-quality appearance, perfect for premium products on the shop shelves.

Pure Dairy joined forces with COLES and worked for 18 months on the production and packaging of a feta cheese that is matured in wooden vats for 3 months.

John Hicks, CEO of Pure Dairy, said, “We chose Paragogiki Thrakis as our exclusive Greek manufacturer, because they combine a modern and high-quality production process with traditional know-how and experience in the Greek cheese-making sector. That is why their traditional feta perfectly fulfils the high quality requirements of COLES.”

In February 2015, the partners launched COLES Finest Barrel Aged Feta in the Australian COLES supermarkets.

To ensure the new product would stand out on retail shelves, Pure Dairy decided on a Matt IML + UltraGloss IML + Metallic IML labelling solution.New IML dairy packaging stands out in Australian supermarkets, Pure Dairy, COLES, Verstraete IML, Asia packaging

“Packaging that catches the eye, tempts the consumer, excites the senses ... That is what makes the difference on the shop shelves,” explained Hicks. “We proposed a combination of the brand-new lacquer options from Verstraete IML to COLES: Matt IML and UltraGloss IML.

“Add these two contrasting look & feel options together, and you illuminate an exceptional level of detail while strengthening the artwork of the packaging. A masterstroke, because this packaging was not only a first for the COLES Finest dairy line but also for Australia.

“And, we used the Metallic IML for an extra luxurious effect. The perfect choice to fulfil the high-quality standards of COLES Finest premium products.”

Hicks further explained the decision to use IML: “The two most important benefits of IML labels are the high-quality, sustainable printing quality and the detailed finished touches. In addition, IML provides excellent design possibilities and a wide range of look & feel options. That means that you can use the label to highlight certain product features.

“So, in the end, the high quality of the IML labels emphasizes the authentic origins and the superior quality of the Barrel Aged Feta. And the detailed finish of the IML labels reflects the attention to detail of the traditional Greek feta cheesemaker Paragogiki Thrakis.”

According to Adrian Josephson, Managing Director of Pure Dairy, Verstraete IML was chosen as its packaging partner due to its skills, innovation and flexibility: “The high quality of Verstraete IML’s IML labels, the creativity of the company and the short delivery times made a great impression. The superior quality of the final product is, after all, the best proof of the high level of expertise and the unique qualities of all the partners. Hellenic PLAST (Greece) was the injection moulder of service. Together they made sure that COLES Finest Barrel Aged Feta was successfully launched in the COLES supermarkets.”

Pure Dairy and COLES score with Australian scoop in IML packaging

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